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Our Story

We searched for a brand with depth and meaning that genuinely resonated with our purpose but we couldn't find one, so we created one for you. 

TRAYTZ luxury headwear is carefully crafted from the finest high-quality materials, but we're not only a premium headwear brand, but also a premium self-improvement brand, and will serve to support your path as we grow together.​ 

TRAYTZ represent the ultimate version of you, and here's why.

TRAYTZ was born to serve and represent those whose greatest goal is, to live life on their own terms, and those who are already doing it, through becoming the ultimate version of themselves.

TRAYTZ defines success as living life on your own terms.

TRAYTZ stands for the character traits we have, those we need or want to build, to pave the way in becoming the ultimate version of ourselves, on the journey to reach our own idea of success.

TRAYTZ offers a lifestyle and mindset, symbolising your relentless and unstoppable pursuit for change.

TRAYTZ is about knowing this pursuit starts with consistent positive change in our mind and body, and that the cornerstone habit to becoming the ultimate version of ourselves begins with health and fitness as a solid foundation. From these, new habits grow and flourish to make monumental shifts in your life. 

Mark your decision to master your TRAYTZ. Wherever you are on your road to fulfillment, our lifestyle brings you the symbolic collections, the knowledge, and the passion you need to keep powering through anything life throws at you.

As our brand develops, we'll introduce collections and designs representing the core character TRAYTZ needed for wherever they fit into your version of success and fulfillment, along with blogs and guidance to support an optimum mindset for your journey.


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